John Butcher, Thomas Lehn, Matthew Shipp


"the standout album of 2016 . . . There’s a raw vitality to the performance, and the music is unabashed and direct in channeling relatively conventional lyricism: Tangle is supremely listenable, and should grab listeners who usually find improvised free music elusive, as well as devotees . . . thrilling, peerless stuff, played with vivacity and animation." - Tim Owen, Dalston Sound

"This music does not tell a tale of dominance and submission, but one of three strong personalities bound within a tangle of knowledge and unknowing . . . The music on Tangle stands apart from what all parties have made before, but makes sense of their individual and collective histories at the same time that it sounds unique unto itself." - Bill Meyer, Dusted

"raw, manic and weird-sounding . . . The dynamics between these strong-minded musicians are immediate and organic . . . expressed in lightning speed and mesmerizing subtlety, playing with great focus to detail and structure, but at the same time busy exploring their own sound universes" - Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

"Free-improv, noise, call it what you will. Tangle is aptly-titled. This is a dense, reflective piece that will take the listener some time to unpack. . . . Fataka has captured lightning in a bottle with this release." - Mike Borella, Avant Music News

"Ils ne tentent pas de s'imiter ou de se copier, bien au contraire, ils jouent comme ils ont toujours joué, et parviennent à se faire chacun leur place dans ce trio, sans s'étouffer, sans se contredire, ni rien. On a trois instruments différents, trois esthétiques différentes, mais une musique pourtant unie. Le trio réussit à concilier les traditions, les préoccupations et les codes esthétiques de chacun pour une performance qui navigue entre le free jazz, le réductionnisme et l'eai, sans qu'on ne soit jamais dans une case bien définie." - Julien Héraud, improv sphere

"Shipp’s manic repetitions, Butcher’s scalar blankets, and Lehn’s warm reverb remind the listener of certain eras of experimental improvisation and composition, but it isn’t the remembrance that contains the power, but the feeling that this is something fresh and new. It is a music that brings up new ideas and paradigms" - Nate Wooley (liner notes)

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John Butcher - saxophones, feedback
Thomas Lehn - synthesizer
Matthew Shipp - piano

1. Cluster I (10:41)
2. Cluster II (12:18)
3. Cluster III (14:09)
4. Tiefenscharfe (5:58)

Recorded live at Cafe Oto, London on 19 February 2014 by James Dunn
Mixed by John Butcher and Thomas Lehn
Mastered at Gray’s Inn Road by Rupert Clervaux
Notes by Nate Wooley
Photography by Andy Moor (The Ex)
Design by James Vickery
Music by John Butcher (PRS), Thomas Lehn (GEMA) and Matthew Shipp (ASCAP)
Produced by Trevor Brent

Fataka 14 (2016)

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