Nate Wooley & Seymour Wright

About Trumpet and Saxophone

"a spiky, raw collection of brief improvisations that see them pushing at each other rather than slipping into comfort zones . . . full of a palpable tension but somehow also very simple and unadorned . . . a fine set of recordings that showcase the act of improvisation in its bared boned glory." - Richard Pinnell, The Wire

"Wooley and Wright have both made extraordinary solo recordings: these duets might represent their sum and difference or their square root. About Trumpet and Saxophone is eminently worthy of close listening. It might enrich or impoverish a listener in a new way." - Stuart Broomer, Point of Departure

"a work that flows incredibly well from start to finish and should really be listened to as one complete whole . . . About Trumpet and Saxophone is about the ability to converse in a collaborative language that hasn't been entirely written yet." - Tom Burns, Free Jazz Blog

About Trumpet and Saxophone brings together New York based trumpeter Nate Wooley and London based saxophonist Seymour Wright for a series of intensely material duo improvisations that inhabit the tricky overlap between these two instruments. Recorded on their second encounter, there's an intriguing balance of freshness and reflection in the music here, one that matches their deep knowledge of improvised music's various pasts as well as their commitment to experiment and discovery.

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Nate Wooley - trumpet
Seymour Wright - alto saxophone

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Recorded by Rick Campion at City University Music Studios on 4 July 2012
Mixed and mastered by Rupert Clervaux at Gray’s Inn Road
Edited by Trevor Brent
Cover painting by Geoff Wright (Svetlana, 1968)
Music by Nate Wooley & Seymour Wright

Fataka 8 (2013)

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